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Section B
Women’s Ministry
Bible studies
Monday night Bible
Ever y other Monday in the
cafe at 7 p.m. This is a
topical Bible study based
on the book Loving Well by
Beth Moore. Childcare is not
provided for this study.
Tuesday morning Bible Study
We will be using the book
Stronger for this study. We
will meet ever y week from
9:30-11:30 a.m. in room 9.
(Senior Adults)
If you are 55+ and would like
to get together with other
PrimeTimers, come out to
Scrambler Marie’s at 12 Mile
and Orchard Lake Road for
breakfast on the second and
four th Wednesday of each
month. We meet at 9:30
a.m. For details contact Ber t
Baker or the campus office.
Single Adult Ministries
For more information, contact
The church is designed
to carry out the mission
of Jesus. And if you are a
committed follower of Christ
and part of the family of God,
devoting yourself to the local
church is your next step. If
you would like to learn more
about Woodside or become
a member of Woodside, plan
on attending the next Belong
class. The next Belong class
is scheduled for Feb. 9. Sign
up online at
and click on BELONG.
Baptism Celebration Service
Our next Baptism service will
be in the new year. If you are
interested in baptism and
would like to know more,
please call the church office
at 586.752.3905 or for
more information, email info.
Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.
Module 3 and 4 classes are
now lined up and will begin
Jan. 8. For more information
visit the Next Steps Table for
a brochure, or call the church
office at 586.752.3905. Email
or go online to woodsidebible.
org/thrive to register with a
credit card.
Kids’ Ministries
Woodside Kids
(birth-5th grade)
Sundays, 9:30 a.m. and
11 a.m.
Woodside Kids Plus
(kindergarten-5th grade)
Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.
These classes will lead
kids to know and connect
with the God of the Bible.
They’ll grow to understand
that He is real and relevant to
their everyday lives. Imagine
kids learning to not only seek
the truth through Scripture
but also being challenged
each week to apply those
truths to their lives. Register
online at
romeo-campus. There is no
cost for this program.
For more information,
contact tracimurfey@
KidStuff Family Fun Night
Our next KidStuff Family Fun
Night will be held in the New
Year. This event includes
a giant inflatable, carnival
games, prizes, the Big Show
and concessions. For more
information, contact info.
Student Ministries
(grades 6-12)
Oasis (Middle school)
Wednesdays, 6:30-8 p.m.
WSM (High school)
Sundays, 6:30-8 p.m.
For more information,
contact kipklusendorf@
Women’s Ministries
For more information
on Women’s Ministries,
contact heathercumming@
Men’s Ministries
For more information on Men’s
Ministries, contact stevezarrilli@
(Senior Adults)
PrimeTime Adult Ministries
offers a variety of ministry
opportunities, purposeful
relationships, and mutual
encouragement through
God’s Word for adults 60+.
For information regarding
upcoming events contact
George Fisher at fishers@
Single Adult Ministries
For more information, contact
9000 Highland Road
White Lake, MI 48386
Woodside White Lake
Campus is located on the
north side of Highland Rd.
about 1/2 mile West of
N. Williams Lake Rd. and
Pontiac Lake Rd.
service times
8:30 a.m.
10 a.m.
11:30 a.m.
Full children’s programs
during all Sunday services.
Concerted prayer
encouraged for the
White Lake campus
n May 12, 2013, the mem-
bers and attendees of the
Woodside Bible Church, White
Lake campus gathered in the
empty field on the south side
of the then existing building to
celebrate the official ground breaking
of a new Worship Center. Now, eight
months later on Feb. 2, 2014, we are
preparing to dedicate this building to
the glory of God.
As we dedicate the new Worship
Center we owe thanks to our great God
and Savior for His gracious supply to al-
low us to move in debt-free.We also owe
profound thanks to all of our Woodside
campuses for following the Holy Spirit’s
leading in giving and making pledg-
es through Together for One and the
Woodside Vision Foundation.
It would have been very dif-
ficult for one campus to build
such a facility without the unity
of the vision of all of Woodside.
Again, thank you to all of the
Woodside campuses for your
One does not enter or com-
plete a project like this without
the profound sense of need for
God’s presence and blessing.
This is not just felt during the con-
struction process, but even more so as
we prepare to occupy this new space.
It has been said that behind every great
movement of God there has been a great
movement of God’s people in prayer.
During this month of January the
White Lake campus will be dedicating
ourselves to 31 days of concerted prayer.
A special Prayer Room has been estab-
lished so that individuals, families, Bible
study groups and Neighborhood Groups
can come to spend time in prayer for our
campus and all of Woodside.
On the final week of the month, be-
ginning on Sunday, Jan. 26, through Feb.
1, we will be asking everyone to join us
for a 24/7 prayer observance that will lead
us up to the dedication on Sunday, Feb. 2.
To guide us through the month, a
book focused upon prayer has been pub-
lished to lead us in acknowledging God’s
greatness, our need of confession and
consecration, thanksgiving for His great
love, and then bringing our requests for
Him to move among us. We want God
to use us to lead our community to Jesus
so that they may come to know Him as
their Savior.
This is a singular time in the history
of our Woodside campus and we want
God to do what only He can do; change
our hearts and the hearts of those who
do not yet know Christ as their Savior.
As one, let’s unite in prayer for Wood-
side and our community.
Brad Hulcy can be contacted at
from brad hulcy
[white lake campus pastor]
Brad hulcy
Adult Fellowship
Groups at
White Lake
Woodside has a variety of Adult
Fellowship Groups (AFGs) every
Sunday morning. This is a great
way to get connected! Feel free to
drop in and check one out this
Sunday. AFG Guides are also avail-
able at the Welcome Centers.
AFGs at 10 a.m.
Ages mid 60s+
Room C14
Ages 50s-mid 60s
Room C13
PG – Parental Guidance
Room A28
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